Aluminum Finishing

Automotive Sector

In our shop we plate parts for Chrysler, GM, Toyota and Ford.

We do grilles and running boards. We do wheel hub covers. We do step tubes. We chrome bumpers for International Truck. We’re plating fuel door covers for Jeep and for the new Dodge Challenger.

We plate on forged components, extruded components, cast components. We’ve perfected the craft of plating on aluminum and steel and we’re one of the only companies in the world plating on magnesium.

And the automotive sector only represents half of our business. Let Arlington Plating Company take care of your Automotive Plating Needs.


Plating on Magnesium

Arlington is one of the only companies in the world chrome plating magnesium castings with a decorative, copper-nickel chrome process. The deposits on our magnesium parts are as beautiful and durable as the deposits on parts made of steel, zinc or aluminum.


Chrome Accent Process

Another Arlington Plating innovation is our patented Chrome Accent Process. We can apply to any chrome plated part any image that can be digitized, like a company logo or the familiar flames and skulls loved by Harley riders everywhere.


Chemical Lab

On any day you’ll walk into our chemical lab, the heart of our process control, and you’ll see our chemist analyzing the concentration of a solution on the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. A technician’s over here doing Hull Cell testing or using the UV Vis spectrophotometer or High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph. They’re doing wet chemical titrations… All this, to strictly monitor and carefully control our plating solutions.


Metallurgical Lab

Our materials engineer is out there testing deposit thickness, testing adhesion, he’ll test a part’s corrosion resistance in our salt-spray chamber. He’s doing saw cuts, bend tests, he’ll x-ray parts and perform thickness testing. We want to know that the finish on your extruded or forged aluminum, cast magnesium, zinc die-cast or raw steel parts will look perfect when the piece comes off one of our lines.


Environmental Stewardship

100% of the water that we move through our plating operations and our air-scrubbing operations returns to the municipality cleaner than what the EPA requires. It’s even cleaner than when it arrived at our shop; we’re proud of that fact.


Aluminum Finishing